The 15m Series Pantera CapitalMcSweeney TheBlock Fund

Pantera CapitalMcSweeney

Currently, the 15m Series Pantera CapitalMcsweeney TheBlock is offering a 0% annual fee for its investors. The fund is a great way to start investing in shares of a new company without having to pay high commissions. The fund has a lot to offer, including access to some of the largest funds in the world. The 15m Series Pantera CapitalMcsweeney has three different funds, which each offer different risk profiles. You can choose between the Vega Fund, the Injective Fund, or the Unstoppable Select Fund.

Funding Round Led

Earlier this month, Unstoppable Domains wowed the crowd with a $65 million Series A funding round led by Pantera Capital, McSweeney TheBlock and other VC’s. The company plans to put the money towards building reputation-based reward programs, reducing friction in crypto payments and enhancing the user experience. Its most lauded innovation is its NFT (nonfungible token) minted domains, which give users full ownership of their digital identity. They have already issued 2.5 million NFTs and will continue to mint tokens in the near future.

Among its many features, Unstoppable Domains is the only company that has built a multi-service domain, which enables users to connect multiple services to one domain. It also enables users to transact with apps and other entities with the ease of a click of a button.


Vega is a decentralized trading technology startup that is building a fully automated end-to-end trading system. Its goal is to build a safe non-custodial margin trading solution that will eliminate rent-seeking middlemen. The Vega software will also include a rewards system for market makers and traders. The company plans to launch the first private test network soon.

Pantera CapitalMcSweeney, a digital currency and financial technology firm, recently led a $5 million strategic seed round for Vega. The funding will be used to test the company’s core protocol. The protocol has the potential to revolutionize the trillions of dollars worth of derivatives markets, according to Vega. It will allow traders to trade derivatives using a completely decentralized network. It also aims to provide investors with greater transparency.


During the first quarter of this year, Stacked, a live-streaming platform that uses blockchain technology, completed its first round of funding. Pantera Capital led the company to raise US$12.9 million in a series A round. Its initial user base is concentrated in the US, but the company hopes to expand into other markets such as India and Latin America. Founded by serial entrepreneur Alex Lin, Stacked offers watch parties and traditional gaming content. It also incorporates features such as chat and ad-hoc networking.

Stacked is also taking a cue from the Twitch content strategy. Specifically, the company is building features around its creators to ensure that more of the money they earn ends up in their pockets. It also has an innovative native governance token mechanism that enables users to accrue tokens based on performance metrics.

Unstoppable Select Fund

Touted as one of the first crypto fund managers to spout off a slew of funds, Pantera Capital is about to do the same for blockchain tech startups. Currently, the firm has five funds in its portfolio, with more on the way. The company has also made a number of noteworthy investments including one of the largest cryptocurrency funds in the industry, a $12 million bet for Aurora bridge and a $50 million round for VLAR exchange. A spokesperson for Pantera didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Despite a busy year, the firm is still in the black. In addition to its five funds, Pantera has been actively involved in the crypto community through its partnerships with various industry players, such as VLAR, Aurora bridge, Cryptocurrency Institute, and others.

Decentralized Exchange Protocol

0x Labs, a company behind the decentralized exchange protocol 0x, and Pantera Capital announced a $15 million Series A round in late August. The company plans to use the funding to expand its international footprint and hire more employees. It will also build out the protocol’s API.

0x is a decentralized protocol that allows peer-to-peer trading on various blockchains. The protocol also has a native token called ZRX. The token is used to pay gas fees, secure the network, and provide governance. The token supply is set to grow to 100 million by January 2024.

Final Words:

The company is currently partnered with a number of hedge funds and large financial services firms. The company’s main goal is to build an open protocol for digital assets. It also plans to expand the service internationally and integrate additional chains.

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