The Life and Times of SPC David Deweese

spc deweese

Among the many jobs that an individual can have in the military, Spc Deweese Humvee driver is an excellent job for a person who is looking for an exciting, adventurous career. This is because the Humvee is a vehicle with a high skill level, and a person who can operate one is in a very high position in the military. In addition, this type of job also carries a lot of responsibility. If an individual wants to succeed, he or she must learn how to operate the Humvee.

United States Marine Corps

Almost half of Spc Deweese’s life was spent in the military. He served nearly four decades, and also earned a number of awards. His family has asked the United States Marine Corps to provide him with full military honors.

New York Yankees

Spc Deweese was a native of West Virginia, and also lived in Nashville, Tennessee. He and his family enjoyed spending time outdoors. His loved fishing, sports, and also being in the water. He was also a fan of the New York Yankees.

Spc Deweese enlisted in the Marine Corps at age seventeen. He served in the Middle East, and was involved in the Persian Gulf War. His earned several awards for his service, including a Purple Heart. He was also a member of the Riverside United Methodist Church.

Military Career

During his military career, SPC David Deweese was honored with several awards. In February, he was named Division 6 Young Marine of the Year. He also served with the 1st Battalion of the U.S. Army, and earned a Bronze Star for Valor.

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Deweese’s military career began when he enlisted in the Marine Corps at seventeen. He then became a Humvee driver, and also was assigned to a platoon that trained Iraqi police officers. He later served in the Middle East during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

James McGinnis Deweese

Deweese’s family also has a military legacy. His grandfather, James McGinnis Deweese, was a Sargent Major in the United States Marine Corps, and his father, Sgt. Roy Deweese, served in Marine Corps aviation in the late 70s. Upon retirement from the military, Sgt. Deweese was a member of Riverside United Methodist Church. He enjoyed sports and fishing. He is a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees.

Sadly, David Spc Deweese has died in Iraq. He was a lifelong Marine who served in the Middle East for over a year as a Humvee driver. His death has added to the growing humanitarian crisis in Iraq.

Putnam County

Spc Deweese was born in Putnam County, West Virginia. He graduated from Poca High School in 1984. He joined the Marine Corps at age seventeen. His became a Humvee driver and trained Iraqi police. He was deployed to the Iraqi city of Adhamiyah. Spc Deweese was killed in a roadside bomb explosion while training Iraqi police.

Deweese served with distinction in Iraq. He was a member of the 701s Main Support Battalion. He also served with the 4th Infantry Division Combat Engineer Battalion. During his service, he was deployed to Afghanistan twice. He earned several medals for his service. His military career spanned almost four decades. His wife and two sons survive him.

During his career as a Marine, SPC Deweese served as a Humvee driver in Iraq. He served as part of a platoon that trained Iraqi police officers. He was killed by a roadside bomb while serving in Iraq. This was a tragic loss to the Marine Corps and the people of Iraq.

Poca High School

Deweese was a native of West Virginia and graduated from Poca High School. He was married with two sons. He also attended Riverside United Methodist Church.

After high school, Spc Deweese joined the Marines. He served in the Middle East for almost two years. During his time in Iraq, Spc Deweese volunteered to train Iraqi police officers. He helped them learn about the law and how to police the country.

Currently serving in Fort Hood, Texas, SPC Deweese is a combat veteran putting his unique spin on the art of the deal. He has served with distinction, including a deployment to Afghanistan twice, and was awarded two Silver Stars for gallantry in action. His other accolades include being a top intern at Accenture and founding the Foundation; a nonprofit organization focused on providing military families with the best possible support.

Final Words:

Aside from his military credentials, SPC Deweese is a well-rounded individual who enjoys spending time with family and friends. He has two young daughters and a wife to boot. His parents migrated to Beaverton, Oregon, where they worked in the cotton and tobacco industries. After high school, he decided to take the plunge and enlist in the army. During his time in the service, he served with the Army’s Special Forces and the Military Police Corps.

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