Xfinity Store – Everything You Need to Get Your Home Hooked Up

Xfinity Store

Xfinity Store is a one-stop shop for everything you need to get your home hooked up. From Xfinity Mobile to Xfinity Connected Home Zone, XFi Advanced Security, and more.

Unlimited Data Plan

Xfinity Mobile offers an unlimited data plan with no usage limits. It also has no monthly line access fees. You can bring your own device, or you can use the provided iPhone or iPad. However, you must pay if you want to access data in other countries.

Xfinity Mobile is an MVNO or mobile virtual network operator. It works on the Verizon network. To sign up, you must bring your current carrier information, which includes a PIN and a current account number. You must also enable two-factor authentication. You can change your data plan anytime through the Xfinity Mobile app. You can choose an unlimited plan or a by-gig plan.

HD Video Stream

By the Gig, plans can be shared between multiple lines on your account. You can get a 1 GB plan for $15, a 3 GB plan for $30, or a 10 GB plan for $60. These plans include unlimited talk and text and LTE hotspot speeds. You can also choose an HD video stream.

However, the Unlimited plan is cheaper if you need more than 3GB of data per month. You will have to pay an additional $20 per month for HD video. It is also important to note that data speeds on the Verizon network are capped at 600 kbps, and a plan will slow down if you use over 100GB in a month.

Connected Home Zone

Xfinity Store offer customers an opportunity to try out new products, services and accessories. They offer a high-tech, interactive experience with multiple video screens and a warm color palette. In addition to products and services, they offer guidance and in-store appointments for subject matter experts. Customers can also review security camera footage remotely. Xfinity offers flexible data plans.

Home Automation Options

The Connected Home Zone allows customers to try out innovative home products, including video doorbells and indoor/outdoor HD cameras. It also features remote control options for lights and appliances and home automation options. Customers can also test out Xfinity Home, a smart home system that combines security and automation services.

The Connected Home Zone is part of the Xfinity Store. Customers can explore the store, see how the services work together, and learn how to integrate them. The store also includes a product demonstration zone. There are also video screens and an app bar to demo the Xfinity apps.

Live Video Footage

Customers can view live video footage and use automated devices from the Xfinity Home App. They can also review security camera footage from their mobile devices. In addition to the Xfinity Store, customers can visit the brand’s website to see how the Xfinity Home and Xfinity Home Mobile can help protect their homes.

The Xfinity Mobile Zone offers customers the ability to purchase new mobile devices or select an existing device to use for the Xfinity Mobile service. Customers can choose a data plan and get information about how to save money.

XFi Advanced Security

Xfinity xFi Advanced Security is a one-stop security solution that protects you and your network from hackers. It uses artificial intelligence to detect suspicious activity in real-time and block access to devices connected to your network from known and dangerous sources. It also provides tips to keep your devices secure and protect your data.

The Xfinity app is one of the easiest ways to activate xFi Advanced Security. You can use the Xfinity app on your phone, tablet, or computer. It has a dashboard that shows the status of your security activity and a list of impacted devices. You can also set your own usage rules and pause your WiFi connection for specific devices.

Xfinity Internet Subscribers

Xfinity xFi Advanced Security is available for free to Xfinity Internet subscribers. It offers a dashboard that shows the biggest security risk on your network, and provides tips on how to resolve them. The service also offers firewall protection and blocks malicious sites. It is a comprehensive solution that protects your home from hacker attacks and viruses.


The Xfinity app is available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To get started, you can select the Security tab. You will then be able to set up your xFi Gateway, create new profiles, and see your network information.

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