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Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were two friends who got along well because they had similar interests in the game Tibia. They would both earn a lot of digital coins, and they often loaned them to each other.

However, one day, Gabriel Kuhn refused to return the money. That made Patry furious, and he decided to kill him.

What Happened?

Gabriel Kuhn, a 12-year-old boy from Nova Trento, Italy, befriended Daniel Patry while they were playing an online role-playing game called Tibia. He loaned him 20,000 virtual coins, but Daniel never paid back the money.

Hot-Tempered & Uncontrollable Teenager

The story of how Daniel murdered Gabriel has been a mystery for many years, but new findings and autopsy images have helped clarify the matter. The murder was carried out by Daniel Patry, a hot-tempered and uncontrollable teenager who had severe rage difficulties.

He had been attending therapy sessions for this problem but did not complete them. The unchecked anger caused him to engage in other juvenile behavior such as skipping school and missing homework.

The boy had a powerful mental disposition and could not control his anger, which led him to beat, torture, and rob Gabriel. He continued with this gruesome display of violence until Gabriel’s death.

Who Are Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry?

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were two teenagers who lived in Blumenau, Brazil. They were very interested in online gaming.

They were playing a game called Tibia, which is a 3D computer game that’s popular in Europe. It has a small download, and it installs quickly, making it easy for many players to play.

During their online time together, they developed a friendship. They had a lot in common and bonded over the game.

Premium Account Upgrade

However, things went haywire when Gabriel decided to ask Patry for 20,000 virtual currency points, which was a premium account upgrade in Tibia.

When Gabriel refused, Daniel started threatening him and abusing him. He then told Gabriel he would sort everything out if he apologized for his behavior and asked for forgiveness.

Eventually, Gabriel got so scared that he tried to run away from his home. However, he ended up beaten up and killed by Daniel. Sadly, he died in agony.

Why Was Gabriel Kuhn Murdered?

In 2007, a story of then-16-year-old Daniel Patry brutally murdering his friend, Gabriel Kuhn, was making headlines all over the world. It was a startling case and one that left a lasting impression on the public.

In the story, it is reported that Kuhn defrauded Petrie of 20,000 Tibia coins and never returned them. This caused him to become furious.

Vicious & Abusive War

Eventually, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry started a vicious and abusive war against Kuhn that resulted in his murder. During the conflict, he beat him, strangled him and raped him.

After beating Kuhn for a while, Petry separated the victim from his legs. Then, he proceeded to beat him again and carve Tibia symbols into Kuhn’s chest.

Afterward, he cut his victim’s body apart and hid it in the hallway trap door. The passage was bloody and Kuhn’s feet remained next to the hacksaw that Petry used to kill him.

What Happened Next?

Gabriel Kuhn, a 12-year-old boy from the neighbourhood, developed a close relationship with Daniel Patry. The two began playing the online role-playing game Tibia together.

In the game, they were both in need of 20,000 virtual coins to advance. In order to get this money, Gabriel asked Daniel for a loan.

He agreed to lend him the money in exchange for his friend’s promise that he would pay it back quickly.

Final words:

Upon learning that Daniel was not returning his money, Gabriel threatened to keep him from contacting their gang’s members. When this did not work, he called his mother to find out when she would be back in Nova Trento.

She was in Nova Trento around 9 p.m. (TIM) when she got a call from Daniel’s house. When she arrived, she found a bloody body lying at the front door. She was terrified and immediately called the police. It was then that she learned that the victim had been murdered.

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